Japanese blockchain gaming market gets new contender as PlatinumEgg partners with VX Networks

The dApp gaming platform VX Network signed partnership with established Japanese game development studio PlatinumEgg to target Japanese blockchain gaming market.

VX is a blockchain gaming platform launched in Malta earlier in 2018 as a project of BitMatrix, the South Korean game service business. BitMatrix itself also launched only in 2018 with the release of Bitpet, a Tamagotchi-style blockchain game on HyperLedger with collectible pets that had its moment in South Korea and Japan.

On the contrary PlatinumEgg, development studio lead by Nariya Takemura, has been operating on the Asian gaming markets since 2002. Only recently have they added decentralized games to their portfolio with the new CryptoDerby dApp game project that is set to launch soon.

Through its history, PlatinumEgg produced more than 100 titles for mobile an console platforms. To give you an illustration, they created the event script for Sega’s PS2 game Shining Force Neo and were the contractor who developed the Japanese action role-playing video game Rise of Mana published by Square Enix in 2014.

VX Network is not completely new to Japan as it has gained some voice after the launch of Bitpet and more recently after the introduction of a full 3D blockchain game BitGolf on blockchain meetups in Korea and Japan. The partnership between Bitmatrix/VX and PlatinumEgg will focus on exchange of technical know-how, development collaboration and tackling emerging gaming market trends collaboratively.

Both PlatinumEgg and VX are expecting their partnership will allow them to ship more targeted products in shorter time, which will give both partners advantage on the increasingly competitive dApp game market.

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