Action RPG dApp game Hero of Cryptoworld is starting its character presale

The Korean blockchain game platform BitMatrix announced a new character presale.

This time the presale goes hand in hand with the launch of the Hero of Cryptoworld, a new blockchain action RPG game jointly developed by VX Network and NEOCYON.

The dApp game lives on the VX Network.

About Hero of Cryptoworld

The “Hero of Cryptoworld” is a new action RPG dApp game. Players are taken through a variety of adventures, the experience grows with collecting the “Characters”. Each collectible Character has a distinct personality that has its purpose in the game.

You can travel through different adventure modes that have different stories, and you can lead battles throught the battlefields of Cryptoworld.

About the Character Presale

Action RPG dApp game Hero of Cryptoworld is starting its character presale

Hero of Cryptoworld’s characters are presold for a limited time from January 7th at 9:00 (UTC 0:00) to February 3 at 8:00 (UTC February 3 at 23:00).

The strategy of the character pre-sale is to offer the most high-performance characters only to players who will be joining the game in the pre-sale period.

With high-performance characters, you can start off playing Hero of Cryptoworld from a better position than those who missed this opportunity. Joining in the presale period will also broaden your game selection and help you enjoy more free games.

Pre-sold characters are released orderly, at the time of writing the first character group has already been released.

The second character group release is scheduled for January 14th.

Presale items increase the price by 1% each time the character is sold.

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