The most powerful blockchain gaming platform

To provide blockchain games and service platforms by utilizing the blockchain and cryptocurrency to present high-level game experience and satisfaction level to the gamers, and to provide good-quality contents through easier methods to developers.

What is VX?

VXN (Valuable eXperience Network) is blockchain game platform. VXN saves various contents such as acquisition, etc., of the assets in the game into the blockchain to have the ownership of the game assets belonging to the gamers and not the providers.

Also, VXN provides a system that enables the gamers to dispose their assets within the game easier and with more reliability.

Through the common exchange method in the VXN of VX (Valuable eXperience), it’s not limited to one game, but can be applied commonly into various VXN linked games. VX may provide not limited to the VXN methods.


BitPet is Korea’s first blockchain game launched in March 2018, and supports for mobile environments, gas fee free, and fast transactions among the blockchain games.

You can collect, breed, and grow small and cute digital rabbit pets, and a mini-game race is available. Supporting 8 languages ​​all over the world, and especially popular in Japan, we are in service.

Anytime, anywhere, you can connect to https://bitpet.co and play right away.


BitGolf is a full 3D golf game that maximizes realism. It is a new concept blockchain game that enables winners to earn prize money through perfect real-time PvP and earn profit through trading of items.


VX NETWORK is the only place that provides blockchain games by forming its own blockchain Mainnet.

VX NETWORK is expanding through rapid development and partnership of various genres of games that can generate synergies by applying them to blockchain.
Experience different kinds of blockchain games such as pet raising, sports games, monopoly and RPG!

The Benefits of VX Coin holders

Our Roadmap

March 2018
Collectible. Breedable. Growable. Blockchain game "BitPet" launched
April 2018
BitPet exceeded the sales of Cryptokitties which was popular all over the world in the single market in Japan and rated it as Japan's best blockchain game. In addition, it is positioned as a steady seller of blockchain games in a pleasant play environment.
June 2018
In order to serve the blockchain game, our company is composed of three headquarters development corporation "BITMATRIX" Korea, service corporation "VXNETWORK" Malta, operation corporation "BITBPO" Philippines and its first establishment corporation "BITMATRIX" was established.
July 2018
Organized 1st BitPet exclusive meetup
October 2018
Testnet and Mainnet of VX NETWORK, a blockchain game platform, entered into service, and VXNETWORK., Ltd Malta, a service corporation, was established.
December 2018
VX NETWORK agreed to NEOCYON's "Hero of Cryptoworld" and EMONG's "Skeleton King" service. In addition, we will strengthen customer service by establishing "B I T B P O" in the Philippines for global customer support.
January 2019
It will be serviced in January through the "Hero of Cryptoworld" pre-sales, an action RPG blockchain, which is a collaborative project with NEO CYON, in the service of the world's first block-chain 3D sports game "BitGolf".

Our motivated team

  • Hojin Kim (김호진)

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    More than 20 years in game development. Worked at Gravity, Z&E Ent, Netmarble Neo. His main works are Ragnarok Mobile, Groove Party Online, Mad Acorn, etc.

  • Michael Chung (정창윤)

    Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

    Over 20 years in operating business. Worked at LG Electronics, Reigncom, Koreit. Based on diverse and rich experiences, Mr. Chung has the strength of having flexibility in rapidly changing circumstances.

  • Younger Jo (조영거)

    Chief Technology Officer

    15 years in game development. Worked at Nexon, Devsisters, Flaskon, NOVN. Mr. Jo participated in the development of famous games such as Kart Rider, Oven Break and Bubble Fighter Adventure, and developed the social map service of Muffin APP.

  • Sangsik Kim (김상식)

    Chief Development Officer

    Sangsik Kim was in charge of game planning and development management of various platforms and genre at game developers for a long period of time such as Gravity and Netmarble Games. Currently, Mr. Kim is in charge of the development management of the overall projects currently in preparation by VX Network.

Our Advisory Board

  • Sung Lee (이성)

    CEO, BTCNIA / (사)블록체인기술진흥협회 부회장
  • Paul Park (박기석)

    CEO, Grit Holdings / CEO, KEPHRI / CEO, Kumpa

    He founded Grit Holdings through the understanding and vision on blockchain and applicable businesses, and is performing investments and incubations of various projects.

  • Honggyu Kim (김홍규)

    CEO, Netmarble NPark / Former VP, Netmarble Games

    He developed the most famous baseball game in Korea, “Magu Magu”, and he is referred to as the “Father of Magu Magu”. He is responsible for the new businesses at Netmarble Games that are developing in astonishing speed.

Distribution of Tokens

A total of 1 billion coins will be issued all at once, and there is no plan for additional issue through mining, so the total issuing amount will be limited to 1 billion coins.
Issuing amount of coins: 1 billion VX
Total estimated sales amount: 150,000,000 VX
Coin Price: 1VX = $0.01
  • 15% Token sale

  • 15% Development Partner

  • 40% Liquidity management

  • 5% Advisors

  • 10% Activating the platform

  • 15% Development Team


Action RPG dApp game Hero of Cryptoworld is starting its character presale

January 4, 2019
The Korean blockchain game platform BitMatrix announced a new character presale. This time the presale goes hand in hand with the launch of the Hero of Cryptoworld, a new blockchain action RPG game jointly developed by VX Network and NEOCYON.


December 21, 2018

EMONGGAMES Skeleton King will be supported globally through the VX platform

December 20, 2018
VX NETWORK Ltd. (CEO Michael C. Chung) has agreed with EMONGGAMES (CEO Hyun Lee) to serve globally (except in China) the blockchain version of Skeleton King on its VX platform
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